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Friday, March 25, 2011

Skin samples

I started hunting around for Orc skin recipes that I liked. This has proven to be harder than it sounds.

The first test model idea is to use goblin green as a base. I will follow this up by 2 washes of Thraka green wash (a touch of flesh was in second coat), as well as 2 washes of Gryphonne Sepia wash. I am then to highlight with goblin green, vgc dark fleshtone and dheneb stone. About 3:2:1. And then keep adding dheneb stone to the previous mix to get the wanted light.

Test orc and Goblin Green base
 The second method starts with a base of Snot Green. The full recipe is in the white dwarf...which I convieniently forgot at work. So much for adding that now. I promise I will edit this post with the recipe later. The finished result was quite bright and attractive. Looked like about 4 to 6 steps total for a finished mini.

Orc with Snot Green base
This one...I don't quite know where I came up with this recipe. I think it was from WARSEER, but I could be mistaken. Anyway...if you have chestnut ink, give it a few watered down washes of that...if not, I am trying a mixture of 1:1 yellow to brown wash. I also gave him a touch of thraka after the first washes had dried. Next, start highlighting with a 50/50 mix of gretchin green and tausept ochre. Then a new highlight with pure tausept ochre paint. And then a final HL with Iyanden darksun.

Orc with Gretchen green base (as well as Yellow/brown/green washes)
 I found this recipe on the GW website, but have thrown in a few different combos along the way. I guess we'll see how it turns out. He (??) is one of my favorites so far just because I like how muted the base coat is.
I started with a base coat of Knarloc green and a wash of brown/yellow. GW suggests that you go directly to a highlight of goblin green after the shade (they shade with Orchide Green), but instead I will be reapplying knarloc as a highlight. THEN I will apply the goblin green highlight. The last highlight will be 1:1 goblin green and Rotting flesh.
Knarloc green base (yellow/brown wash)
Test model Knarloc with highlights. Verdict?

The last recipe I am going to try...unless someone can suggest something else to try, is Dark Angel Green, highlighted by goblin green. A final highlight of scorpion green will hopefully finish off the flesh.

Dark angel base
 If you have any other recipes, or find something new that you have tried or would like me to try, please send it to me or, send me a link to the recipe. I will keep track of my progress with each test model, and when I am done I hope that the kernel of a tutorial will be in place.
Cheers, Bard
p.s. Is anyone going to gameday? I really would love to get my hands on the Skaven model being offered. If you are headed there and want to pick me up one, I will gladly pay you back for your troubles!! Send me a message if this something you want to do.


  1. I am a fan of the knarloc green base. I used that for my 40k orks, but washed heavily with badab black. Its a great colour.

  2. Auberoun over at the DigitalWaaagh uses a Gretchin Green base with a liberal Thraka Green wash, and I like the end result a lot.

    Here are his video tutorials:

  3. Thanks guys! Excellent tutorial. Thanks for passing the link along Mike. I will try one of these guys and add him to my next post.
    Kuffeh, after you wash with badab black, do you go back and highlight in any particular manner?

  4. Just to add to this, he does use Knarloc according to the video, but for his Nobs so as to get a darker skin color.

  5. When I hear things like "several layers of XXX wash" or "in a mixture of 3:2:1", I just know it can't be the best way to get a good result. It is way too complicated. Washes make it easy to make a model look good without all that poo-hah.

    I would try to tie whatever you're doing in as much as you can with the rest of your army... and if that wasn't the case, I'd make it bright rather than dark, because I think the orcs are a real 'out there' race who like shiny stuff. :)

  6. Bard - I used knarloc green to do some extreme highlights on those orks. I need to actually revisit them and see if I can improve them.