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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fan of the fangs

A small amount more work has occured. I worked on the front fangs and the spots. I think the fangs look OK, as I was going for an aged look. My brain had them look different, with a glossier more greenish tinge to the overall appearence, but I may just be OK with this.

The model lines on the back show up ALOT on the last shot, but fear not, the Howda covers this nicely from what I have seen of the completed model on the GW website.

a look at fangs, horns and dots

Close-up on fangs

Side view of spots


  1. Excellent excellent! I can see that you are truly excited about this model! You are making good progress, too. For the fangs I would recommend a layer of white from the end - now it still looks a bit dull. It's a bit of a dare to go white, but it usually pays off and gives the model that same sparkle (without outdoing it) that you've given to the eyes! Good luck!

  2. The fangs are good. I really like spots. Adds detail to an already impressive model.