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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bandwagon Jumper

An eight legged Bandwagon jumper to be exact! The new spider Arachnarock has my attention in a big way. It reminds me of the excellent Stegadon model for the lizardmen that I painted a long while ago. Therefore, in preperation, I have started painting a regular unit of spider riders for my goblin horde. Ol' Red Death will proudly march alongside these small offspring into battle.

I do have a question though...should these baby spiders be a brighter red, with Ol' Red Death a much darker red?
Cheers, Bard


  1. That Arachnarock truly is an amazing model, and I don't see how any Goblin Horde could do without one!

    I'd say go bright all the way! A lot of detail risks getting lost, if the piece is too dark. And for such a grand centrepiece, I don't think the size should be the only thing about it to make it stand out. I do think that the size will help you differentiate between small and large spiders, as it's closer between highlights on the small ones, they'll look brighter in a way, at least from a distance.

    Good going so far on the small spiders, and best of luck with the big one, when you get a hold of her!

  2. Sure, it's kinda fun having a big spider, but the concept is more attractive than the model, imo. Too many great Skaven things to paint if you ask me! I just started on my Stormvermin (which were a b**ch to glue together) and after that I've got a big bell waiting for me! Woot!