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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Orc Boy test

I played around with some paint today on an Orc boy. I am fairly happy with the results, except for the red on the upper lip, which I think is too pronounced.

The other thing I am happy with is the worn look on the weapons. Haven't added any rust, and I am unsure if I should.
Cheers, Bard


  1. I really like him, the skin tone works really well. I do agree about the lips, perhaps you might consider a purple rather than red next time?

    I think the choppa and shield look great, really worn. How'd you do it? I especially like the worn and faded checks on the weapon.

  2. The wepon blade started as Boltgun metal with a Sepia wash. (added checks here) Then I took chestnut Ink and watered it down, applying it in heavier concentration away from the sharp edge. Lastly I took vallejo smoke and darkened the metal closer to the wood. There is a small amount of rust powder added near the bolt on the blade.
    The finished model is easier to see some of the rust. He will be posted soon.