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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Black orc Break

I needed a break from the Seamus warband and gave in to the constant badgering of this persistent Orc. "Paint me you git!" I gave in. Still many details to finish, like adding some checks and dags as well as giving the metal edges a bright touch-up.
One thing I may also do is play with the skin. It is based off my newer recipe of Knarloc green/ wash/ highlight. I havent highlighted his skin yet though. Does it need it?
Size comparison: Does Size matter?

The new Blackorcs I am going to paint up all have red armour plates to tie in with the army. The old unit was in blue. I traded them to a friend for his collection of plastic Blorcs that were unpainted. I like where this colour scheme is headed.
Now, if only those pesky Highelves weren't calling out for some paint too!!

1 comment:

  1. I actually prefer it without a highlight, though it depends on if you want them to be actually darker skinned than the rest of your army. Some people don't.

    I think they should be significantly darker, and that looks like a good mix, otherwise.