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Sunday, April 3, 2011

So long Spring Break!

Spring break has disapeared for another year. This year I did get some hobby time in though.
a) Completed a few Orcs to a standard I am happy with. (during my Skaven break)
b) Finished Grunk the drunk!
c) Played a 4k game on Saturday, where Grunk led my troops to victory! Except he (died) passed out after too much rot gut. My Giant Spider also killed lord Skrulk (the skaven disease character) while my brave Black Orcs were subjected to the Skaven Thirtenth Spell, and were destroyed except for the brave unit champion and the BSB. They lived to fight another day!!!
d) Finished cleaning a Seamus Warband for Malifaux. I got the first three models primed. One needed a special base to be put together (the copy cat killer aka. Mini Seamus)

More this week.
Cheers, Bard

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