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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Madame Sybelle WIP

She is starting to look a lot like a Rotten belle madame!! Very creepy and vile looking lady here. She must have been a ..."real looker" while still alive?? Please don't hurt me? Please?
Pre-highlight and some green

cheers, Bard


  1. Now that is a HOT PIECE OF TOTTY! ;) The skin looks very good and well.. rotten. Great work so far.

  2. Oh man! Makes me want to start a Seamus list!

  3. The thing with painting for others is that I just *love* enjoying my own work. When I've painted something, I just want to show it wherever I go, because I know I did a good job.

    So, in a way I'm sad you're going to have to give these babies up, but at least you are able to show us what you're doing. You really brought out the character of this model!

  4. Thanks for the commenst guys. I think she is looking gross, in a good way of course! I think the colors work well too, and might have to apply some to the hordes of zombies on the shelf one day in the future!