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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Orc Sizes

A comparison was needed. Here they are. Shaman, Big'un and boy.
Seamus also got several layers of paint tonight. I need to work on the boots and knee pads and he will almost be done. Hes looking good and would have been added tonight, but I apparently ran out of space on Picasa web album and it won't let me upload more. Need to figure that out!


  1. Looking great dude. The big un is nice and beefy. How do you think he'll stand up next to a Black Orc? Are you going the GW Black Orc way or doing your own?

  2. An orc is an orc is an orc. They're orcs.
    That being said, we want the Seamus pictures!

    He smells less (unless he has those walking corpses with him...)