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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seamus and Sybelle Done

They are done and sit with a coat of sealer as I type.
The enemy of guild and Union, Seamus' notoriety only grows as he commits crimes in order to refine his skill with undeath. And to this end, the lovely ladies of the night, who seek not only a quick buck, but the choicest of brains upon which to feast are soon to arrive! (AKA they are next! And as per request, they will also be painted up in the same manner as the original art suggests)
Hope you enjoy,

photo says: fix hat edge!


  1. Absolutely love them! ....except that blade on the gun. The cutting edge looks darker than the body of the blade, which is counterintuitive. Maybe it's just a mini-painting cliche, but I always think of the cutting edge as being the more silver part.

    Any idea how you are going to base them?

  2. Hey Mike! You are right, the blade does need some sharpening up! Thankfully that won't take a long time.
    As for the bases I would do something dark, with skulls and gravestones, but the person I am painting for does not want the bases done.
    Cheers, B

  3. I don't know who I'd be more scared to meet in a dark alley... a walking corpse in leather attire or a flamboyant gnome with a saw sticking out of his bag. Yikes!