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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dead Dwarf Update

Still W.I.P

Here is an idea of the proposed skaven on the base. As I did this set up, I wondered if I shouldn't add a banner to the skaven on the left and add this unit filler / command group at the front of the unit. If not, then I suppose it will still look good mid unit. Would there be any issues with the base counting as 4 models if it was at the front? I don't think I would personally have an issue with it if it were explained to me at the start of a game.

Cheers, Bard


  1. That wouldn't be an issue for my neither. But, I recommend you to left it as rank and file filler. It looks cool that way, I'm imagining those monks with their normals arms and they will look neat.

    If they became command group, the whole diorama/base work won't notice, and you'll lose the details, like the bottle or even the dead dwarf.

    Nice work btw ;D

  2. NICE! Looking forward to the final paint. Curious though what type of banner it will be. A standard with a draped flag or a pole with the banner extending out.

  3. It would be more useable without the banner id leave it as it is.

    As a filler it looks fantastic really like the paint job on the Dwarf

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I am leaning towards it Not being a banner arm on the left guy, as the idea of making a seperate front rank command base appeals to me. I did it for my goblins and I think I can make it work for the skaven too. I will have these two guys with a chosen set of arms posted later today.

  5. Nice idea! Must buy some ghuls&clanrats.

  6. Bah. Silly Skaven, that dwarf isn't dead! He's just taken a well earned drunken nap! =P As with everyone else, I would use it as only rank and file. The command I find gives you a little bit more room and fun to play with them, to make them stand out that little bit more.

    My only criticism is that the dwarf doesn't look right. I would have liked to have seen you try to play about with his pose, making it look more natural than it currently is. It still looks good though, don't get me wrong, but it's the pose that looks off to me.