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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WIP 2 - Argh! My stomach!

AARrRrrrrGGgggggH! MY Stomach!!...
Lord Chompy-Bits has his stomach more or less done. Unless anyone sees something that needs changing, I am going to keep it this way I think, maybe a wash though. Are the teeth too white? More yellow or just right? His loin cloth is almost done. I am debating on stains along the edge...will depend on the base too. The legs are almost done, just nails and a final highlight...its the arms that still need work, especially towards the hands. I also don't like the face, the molding is very rough in the mouth. I haven't forgotten the chains along the front either, and I have a few bits on the back left too, maybe a couple more nights worth. Maybe a Friday night finish, or Saturday at the latest!
Cheers, Bard

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