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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rat Hordes Rule!

The first 50 man unit of Skaven is done!! I got the last 2 finished today!
This unit includes 2 weapon attachment choices: 1) Skaven Doomflayer and 2) Skaven Warpfire Thrower
It also has a completed Skaven warplock Engineer! Rik Rak.
Also finished previously is a Doomwheel and a plague furnace. The monks are mid way. What should be next? Rat Ogres? A plague ridden Doomwheel? More Clan rats? Finish the Monks? Characters?

Cheers, Bard



    The horde looks so cool! I really loved the metallics, specially the rusted ones

    Great job!!

  2. Thanks Nesbet! Do you think there are too many unit fillers in the unit? What do you think I should work on next?
    Cheers, B

  3. Finsh the monks, then more rats, clanrats I mean.

    You will specially need always more cannon fodder. I tend to paint tastier things first. So I have like 4 mounted chaos lords (from each god, for example) and no single unit of marauders 100% ready xD
    Yeah, and a sorcerer for every lore chaos can access, etc etc

    My opinion, basics should be first!!

    How did you do the rust?? FW powders???
    If yes, applied how? With what? Looks neat ;D

    PS: I myself don't use unit fillers, but 2 in a 50 rat unit... it just doesn't matter. More than OK IMHO

  4. Love your horde! Great unit fillers as well.

    Here's another vote for finishing your monks.

  5. I am convinced! Thanks guys! Monks it is. I got the one filler base done, can't wait to get the monks on their for you to see.
    Cheers, B