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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas and Monks WIP

As promissed, here are a few of the monks I have been working on including the two that are going to be on the unit filler. Every time I look at these work in progress shots I get depressed over the amount of work that looks like still needs doing. Oh well, it won't take a huge amount of time...but with Christmas almost here time is becoming harder to find.
And on this happy note, I wish everyone that reads this blog, a very Merry Christmas, and I hope everyone has a fantastic New Years too!!!
Filler WIP

More Monk Rats WIP

 Cheers, Bard


  1. Looking good Bard. I do love that even though it is dead, that skellie is still loving the ride! -__^

  2. Why, have a wonderfully happy Christmas to you as well Bard! As I am an Englishman, I have the proper way of saying happy rather than merry as you see.

    I do have one question Bard. Are you purposefully making your rat creatures with English accents or do they automatically come like that?

    As I said, Happy Christmas to you all,