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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Warpfire Thrower

Do you ever feel like you’ve taken one step forward followed by two back? Lord Chompy bits has officially p***ed me off! I don’t know if it’s the paints or the harsh ridges on the model, but paint keeps rubbing off. I ended up spraying the model with a sealer last night and will continue to paint him this week over the sealer. I don’t normally experience this problem, but maybe it is also the lack of practice lately in painting large metal models.

Ef you strike a thorn or rose,
Keep a-goin'!
Ef it hails or if it snows,
Keep a-goin'!
'Taint no use to sit an' whine
When the fish ain't on your line;
Bait your hook an' keep a-tryin' --
Keep a-goin'!                  by Frank Stanton

Thank you Mr. Stanton, I will keep a-goin! This week will see the arrival of some bases for my Malifaux crew, so Lord Chompy will be permanently attached and I have to have him finished for attachment. I think then it’s a break from Malifaux painting for a bit, and a re-focus on my Skaven. The other game some of my gaming friends have wanted to do again is Firestorm Armada. With all the new ships it’s become tactically more interesting.

Skaven however are still managing to keep me focused more than any of the other armies I have on the back burner. The latest addition to my force is the fantastic warpfire thrower. I have only seen it in action once in the new rules, but it did a real number on some empire clowns! Hopefully I will be able to use it this Christmas break, when some friends and I get into a 2 vs 2 game. That should be a blast, especially with the addition of some munchies and “pop”.

 I painted this weapon team in my usual colours. The only change is the design along the collar of the front rat. I love a few of the things I tried on this model though. The smoke looks nice and nasty. Green highlighted with white with a wash of Green/brown/black. My other favorite part is the verdigris I added on the copper areas. I started with a mixture of ice blue and goblin green. Heavily watered down and then highlighted with watered down white. I wasnt quite satisfied though, and added andother layer of watered ice blue. I think it looks good.
On another note, a blog that has really captured a lot of my attention these days is http://striking3agle.blogspot.com/ , which has some fabulous painting tutorials. The author Mike, focuses on painting rusted and weathered metalics so far, and I am going to try and incorporate these new techniques into my next batch of Skaven with spears. I might have to see if anyone wants to go halvsies with me on another starter box.

Cheers, B

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