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Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm sorry little Dorf!

I started by cutting and prepping 10 more monks with ghoul torso's and creating a custom base for the unit. That will make two unit fillers for a unit of 40 Monks to run happily along side the plague furnace!! I appologize to anyone (Kuffeh) who has dorfs for what I did in making the base. To add insult to injury, was the dwarf stupid drunk when the attack came? Or was he simply overwhelmed by superior Skaven forces?? Hmmm the questions this diorama poses! As a Skaven convert I think I know the answer!

Finished base, a few fixes needed seen in close up
Top view, details missing
Front, missing details

Cheers, Bard
p.s. Incase you havent seen the new Skaven models, here is a link to the new rat beauties! Forofreakfactory

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