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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Over the holidays, (which I hope are going well for everyone!) that always seem so busy, and yet are such a fantastic time to recharge, I have managed to get some Skaven Monks completed. These "lovely" little fellows are sure to scream Christmas to everyone who checks them out! (More on the scream side)
The plan has always been to complete approximately 40 of the little frenzied fellows. This will allow for a great number of Monks to act as escort for the plague furnace, or later, if I paint a few more I can field 2 smallish units of 25 each.
The pictures I was able to get of the Monks shows lots of areas to touch up, and yet when they are ranked up who would notice? I am leaning towards just churning them out in order to get them done. Lets face it, the monk models are less than exciting. What does have me watering at the mouth are some of the new models that are supposed to be out right away. I will be definitely be getting my hands on some of the various war machines...maybe a certain A-bomb too?
Anyway, less talk, more show...Let me know what you think!

3d times the charm
I started with a Purple Horned rat on a green banner. Was very unimpressed with the concept though. Meanwhile I added the checker board pattern to the back and liked that. My wife told me the purple symbol was less than thrilling. I took her advice and changed it up. My second attempt started by reapplying the green undercoat and highlighting anew. I then added a fresh checker pattern to the front and painted a "rat skull" with a long spinal cord looping around. It stunk. It was also too small. So I then took my art supplies, traced a circle over the rat skull abortion, and filled it in with black. This was not bad, and after I added the pestilence symbol it looked great. I am very happy with how it turned out. Maybe a tad dark from the devlan mud wash though.


Unit Champ (Highly underwhelming)
The unit champ is a very simple model. He underwhelms me. I like the looks of him, but he is pretty plain Jane, and makes me feel like designing and painting up something new in the future. The part I really adore is how the book turned out. Everything is stained and well used looking. Just what I was trying to achieve! Go Team!
Finished Filler
This one looks better than the pony filler if you ask me. I took Kuffeh's advice and tried to make the dwarf look more natural in death. You may notice that I repositioned his right foot. Apart from that I wouldn't have a clue as to what to change and where to start.

Generic Monks


  1. wow, amazing CDM group!
    Love the standard. And the metallics, as usual! =P
    and that blue verdigris looks very nice, among with the faded rust on the cloth from the standard. Very nice job!

    Ah! And well done following that advice!

    PS: The normal monks look plain boring compared to yours! ;D

  2. I really like that standard bearer, the check pattern is a nice little touch. The icon is really well done also.

    I actually like the champion, he looks pretty good to me. Granted he doesn't stand out amazingly but he does look pretty good to me.

    The unit filler is really good, I like that. The dwarf does still but me, I think it's because he's still holding onto his weapon and protected by his shield. It doesn't really look like he's dead/dying. But other than that, it is a really nice touch and looks great.

  3. yeah I agree about the dwarf, he needs something else to look dead. maybe make him more dirty.

  4. Thanks for the comments! Any ideas on a better unit champion? And nesbet, I haven't forgotten the request for my rust techniques. I will make a post soon about that.