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Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy busy busy

Work has been nuts lately, but then again it always is around this time. I did manage to get a couple things painted during the breaks. Have to admit to really being into the painting grove right now. Its funny how sometimes I just want to assemble some of the cool models out there, and at other times I just really want to paint. Im guessing that if there was a really cool computer game out there though, I'd probably be hip deep into that. I have been working towards a large unit of 18 marauders (1 of 3) with custom wepons (2 handers). They look fabulous. The models I have painted have what I consider an awesome paint scheme. They look like a bunch of peasents with big wepons. Faded cloth and leather. The only really odd part is the flesh tones. I have a purple base to it because all my models in this army have that as the tie. looks cool. can't wait till I can actually do an army group shot. Anyway, here they are! Or some of them anyway...