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Thursday, September 29, 2011

up to 25

WOW, its been two months since my daughter was born. What better way to celebrate than posting some pictures of the latest models Ive painted??
Here is the first infantry unit for the undead. My sword and board skeletons are up to 25! Only 15 more to go for this unit. After that either spears and sheild or something fun like a Zombie dragon or finish my corpse cart...we shall see.
Anyway, ENJOY!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Skeletons on parade!

Got the first ten skeletons done. Kamilla doesn't fit in the ranks so good with her scythe, so I have also started to put together a scenic base that includes a low tombstone to accomadate the weapon. The next ten are waiting on the leather and then the washes and the rust and the base get done. No baby = done tonight. Baby = maybe another week of work.
Hope you like the skeletons, let me know what you think.

I am also putting together another tutorial that includes a step by step of my skeletons.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kamilla Von Strig

GW does not make very pretty women figures. Casting a man with boobs does not equate a female figure worth collecting and spending time painting, so instead I looked to a line of models that understands how to make these kinds of models right...Malifaux. I have removed the hammer head and replaced it with a scythe blade...apart from that and the base she is pretty much straight from the box.
I first converted the model several years ago to be the Vampiress to a Mordheim undead warband, and just recently finished her off. She will be one of the Vampire characters to my army. Too bad GW stores and tournaments dont like you to use these kinds of models. THANK GOD for the fact that I prefer informal gaming in the basement with friends or my non GW game store.
Anyway, ramble is done, enjoy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Waves of Undead

I got a few more of my undead finished. The new bases really make for a better looking and completed feel to the army. I was also able to get much clearer pictures of my second zombie Ogre.
 Keep reading to see more pictures of the Zombie Ogre AND the newly based Black Knight. I love that unit!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Varg and ZOgre

Varghulf base is done!! I had previously done the cork and broken statue but hadn't bothered to finish the rest of the base. That has been taken care of. I really like how he turned out, but I REALLY need to matt coat him because every time I touch him to move him I seem to rub some paint off from somewhere. Maybe he needs to be replaced with a resin version?

The Zombie Ogre didnt come out very clearly. This is too bad, because I really do love him. Please take careful note of his missing lower Jaw!! The extra pictures I included in this post also show the large cleaver you can just see over his left shoulder. OUCH!
The big difference between this one and the last is the first wash. Last one was a devlan wash, this guy started with a thraka green wash. I was pretty unhappy with how green he was at first, but he grows on you, the loveable lug!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Braaainss for Big Guy

This hungry fella was sitting around in my bits box along with a couple more and screamed "BRAINS!!" to me. One rubber arm later, a new zombie is filling the ranks. He is primarily Devlan mud washes over base colors, other than the metal areas where I also used some of the Forgeworld weathering powders.

The base is meant to go along with all the new bases I am putting together for my vampire counts army. 

 The arrows are meant to show why he is undead. The skin colors had me worried, because I have seen several peoples Ogre Kingdom armies, where the Ogres have greenish skin tones. Hopefully he looks dead, especially walking alongside all his smaller human sized companions.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dead Base

I have a lot of undead. None of them have bases though, so to take a break from some elves, I have started to base my undead army. It will be a slow process, but when done will look good. Let me know what you think.

Three wide

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

babies make for bad hobby

My quest to complete my high-elves came to a screeching halt the other day when my wife woke me up with a "its time" one liner. We got to the hospital bright and shinny and had a brand new baby girl by late and dusky.
Are those elves for me? Cool!!
I did manage to do some damage on the elves before I was "side-tracked". I went with six E. Reavers and some sword masters to make up the difference. Both have decent amounts of paint on them and wont take long to finish if/when I get the time to work on them.
8 Swordmasters

So, as most of you can guess the posts will become a bit less regular (not that that was happening lately) and might include more of my older models that have gone un-noticed on the blog or the painting/gaming table.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Isle of Blood Mage

Its done. I see more booboo's to fix with the camera close-ups, but in person it looks good, and even though this is a character model, I don't want to spend more time with it at the moment. The reavers have all gotten a coat of chainmail. Two of the horses have the hair painted on. I might be able to catch up yet! No sign of the baby as of yet, which allows me to work on my painting. Of course, now that I have written this I can guess what will happen.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

High Elf WIP

17 was the magic number. I have finished the 17 needed to fill my points total, along with a few extras to get me to 20. Ok, not completly finished, but as good as. Now I just need to find 10 more of these Lothern Seaguard and I will expand the unit to 30. That is proving difficult as no one I know has any they want to sell, give away or trade.
Then there is the High elf mage from the box set. He looks lovely, but oh so many details! That has become the bane of my catch-up time. I like the looks of him so far, but he is becoming painful to work on. The light colour scheme will allow me to field him with the lores I envision, and it will tie him into the army very well. I will try to get a close up of the smoke on a later post, I think it turned out pretty well.
Lastly my Reavers have started to receive some paint. I was very afraid of them before I started, but I call this guy, colour by numbers, as everything is very easy to pick out. I painted this up so far in a short time before bed last night. I think they will look great when done.

These three, bring the total to 18

This makes 20!
So much painful detail
what are they going to look like--Kinda


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Front 15

Better late than never! The last 5 and the character are almost done too. I have put together 8 more Sword-masters to go with the already half finished 10 I have. That will create a 6 wide unit of 18. If I can find some extra (non command group) Sea guard, I will increase that unit too. 6 Reavers, including a standard bearer are ready for paint too...I have not given up!
Without further ado... Here they are
The front 5, and friends

Second rank (aka next 5)

3d rank

Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting there. the front rank is fully done (need to do gems, but no rush) and little steams from dragon mouths on sheilds, but that too can wait. Will have the next ten done right away, as they are only a step behind. Its been very busy though here witha baby on the way, seems everyone wants to come spend some time before the birth. Entertaining guests makes for poor painting conditions!!
Anyone still reading this, thanks for your patience!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm a Git

YES, thats right...I'm a GIT! Month one of my Tale of Painters has been failed. Too many things happening, and not enough time.
I am blaming my lack of success on:
1) Field trips. Over night field trips really make it tough to paint no?
2) Work. Need I say more? June is always the busiest month of the year...what was I thinking??
3) RIFT! Damn you awesome computer game! "Gee, I only have 30 minutes, maybe ill play some computer as thats not long enough to get any painting done..."
4) Family. New baby on the way, lots to get done in preperation.

OK, so month one didnt work out. But I am so close, I will get those 17 Seaguard done in the next week along with the mage and then get started on my next unit of Reavers. Hopefully I will be able to complete and catch up by the end of this coming month...even though my baby is expected this month... DAMN you Life, and the business you throw at me!

On a different tangent...whats up with this storm of magic? Has anyone played it? Is it a seperate game or just another GW "buy more stuff" gimmick? I really love some of the new monsterous mounts and stuff that are available because of it. I think I want to get the magical chaos pillar for a mage and customize one for a high Elf...or keep it chaossy for my ...chaos army?

More later,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Seaguard Captain

The base coat on the captain are more or less done, just a few touch ups to do...maybe after the rest are done to this point. The 17 needed models + character have all their blues done and are being highlighted at least one level, maybe a few more for the front rank. I have the green seaweed, leather, and bleached bone weapon shafts to finish along with the bases.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ocean blue

Marauder paints "Deep Ocean" base coat is complete on the first ten. You can even see Mr.Color Test in the second row. They are really starting to take shape. Hope to have the last ten done in the next few days even though work is always so busy at this time of the year. Why did I decide to do this to myself?


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tale of gamers update

paint scheme

All the metals and base coat for white done

close up on command

mage starting to take shape
Next up is the dark blues that adorn sashes, sheilds, trim etc.
The plan is to go back to the metals after the tale of painters is done and give them a wash followed by a highlight.