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Friday, June 24, 2011

Seaguard Captain

The base coat on the captain are more or less done, just a few touch ups to do...maybe after the rest are done to this point. The 17 needed models + character have all their blues done and are being highlighted at least one level, maybe a few more for the front rank. I have the green seaweed, leather, and bleached bone weapon shafts to finish along with the bases.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ocean blue

Marauder paints "Deep Ocean" base coat is complete on the first ten. You can even see Mr.Color Test in the second row. They are really starting to take shape. Hope to have the last ten done in the next few days even though work is always so busy at this time of the year. Why did I decide to do this to myself?


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tale of gamers update

paint scheme

All the metals and base coat for white done

close up on command

mage starting to take shape
Next up is the dark blues that adorn sashes, sheilds, trim etc.
The plan is to go back to the metals after the tale of painters is done and give them a wash followed by a highlight.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The First 5

Started the first five of 17 Lothern Seaguard. A person doesn't realize the amount of detail on these new plastic models being made! I usually paint slowly, but am trying to increase my speed again. I realize it takes away from the individual quality of each model, but the goal is to paint quickly and efficiently here. No painting awards for these.
Here is what has been painted so far...
I tried the hawk turquoise but don't like the looks of it beside the ocean blues I have for the rest of the model. I am not sure how I will incorporate the color into the paint scheme.
First coat of metalics
Underbelly blue as basecoat for white
The color test Seaguard

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Night one

Night One--The Non Sleeper

Thanks for the comment Kuffeh. I have a fairly "vanilla" or "traditional" color scheme with my highelves. Chainmail metalics, with a wash. Cloth is white, with a foundation of space wolf grey. The contrast color is turquois blue, which I love the look of. Lastly, red gems and gold as the secondary spots of color throughout. I recently bought a reaper paint 3 set of ocean blues, which I plan on using on the Lothern Seaguard sheilds, and IF it looks good, I might use it on my dragon princes too!

I ended up entertaining tonight...not alot of painting got done. I did get metalics done on three elves though. I also got an email with one of the fellow competitor's models. Some Ogres. I feel cheated! So many points in such a small number of guys!

Bard's High Elves

Allan's Ogres