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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Malifaux Coryphee

I'm nearly done the Coryphee, and with them, done painting a friends models. It will be good to go back to painting my own models. And I am sure he will be happy to stomp me and anyone else that gets in his way with a fully painted warband.

For those of you that have yet to play or collect the models for the Malifaux gaming system, I strongly recommend that you look into it. The game is fast paced, small scale (meaning you don't need to invest a huge amount of $) and full of over the top characters. I use the word over the top in a good way though. When my friends and I started to play the game one of the comments that came out was "wow, your leader is broken!" "but so is mine!" Every single 'caster' brings a unique dimension to the game and is broken in a wonderfully fun and individual way. You never feel like you are going into a fight and are going to loose.

I started my collection with the Lilith war band. She is from a faction known as the neverborn. Think Demons and wonderful nastiness. Some of my favorites are the possessed dolls, etc. After I started to paint these I decided that it might be fun to try a different warband. So I went and got myself a starter of the Viktorias. They are from a faction known as the Outcasts. So much fun, and such pretty models.

Dancing girls? Arcanists faction
I really find my attention being jerked every which way by this game. The models are top notch. Game play is quick, and even a dunce like me can get a hang of the models after only a few games.

cheers, Bard
p.s. Thanks to those of you that have helped with my Movember cause. Still some time left!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Movember count-down

The Lip Ferret
The count down is on. 4 more days until I can shave this horrible growth off my face! Sadly this year, maybe due to the economy, donations towards finding a cure for prostate cancer have been in short supply. My team has raised half of what it did last year. Here is a look at the, as one of the kids calls it, "ferret" under my nose.

 face with Lip ferret
the happy non ferret version

Cheers Bard
p.s. If you haven't donated please help us out at http://www.movember.com/ donate to: Brad Tyler

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I choose you Pikachu!

WTF!?! Pikachu? Well…no, but certainly its Ok if the Biggest of them all chooses his own name isn’t it? Life is once again more or less back to nErmal, with the reports done and submitted. Now it’s back to a normal life of painting and…comparing models?

Yes, the other day as I was going through some paper-work, I looked up and there were my three giants and I couldn’t help but compare the size and details of all of them. Personally I love the size of the large one in the back, the detail of the old metal fella and the…ummm, what do I like about the newer one? Well, it is mostly painted. It has more options, but let’s face it, he’s not all that and a cup of tea. Mmmmm Tea…. Anyway… anyone else need a tea and cookies?
If Pikachu stands up straight hed really be scary!!

Let me know your thoughts on these three very different giants.

Last but not least, here is the Collette model for the warband I am painting up. She still needs some cleaning up. I always dread the camera/picture completion check. Mistakes always show up on a picture.

cheers, Bard

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Life? whats that?

I am still about a week away from work settling down. Its always hard not being able to paint and make models when you are in a groove. Work comes first though, gotta have the money to buy the toys! Speaking of toys, I have always enjoyed the Mordheim system for Games Workshop. When I first started I took a war-band a) no one else was playing and b) was chaos like in nature...I was big into my chaos army at the time. The main idea behind this warband as i painted it, was to be bright and bold, while showing the dirty rot so common to Nurgle. Uncle Tom, my leader, has a fantastic stomach and eyes that seem to follow you around. I also love the big fella's and their pants. Midge is a duplicate of Moe, with the top peak of her jesters hat cut off and some green stuff on her chest.
So while I may not have time to paint right now, I did find a few minutes to take some pictures. I hope everyone enjoys my Nurgle war-band, otherwise known as "Uncle Tom's Carnival".
Uncle Tom and his carnival

Eddie and Leroy!!!

Midge and Moe

Uncle Tom, himself!
Enjoy, BB

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something I HAVE to try!

Thanks to tarrym on Warseer for these fantastic ideas: Added bonus is a how to /w parts...which I will try in due time.
Cheers, Bard


Ratling Gun:
- 2 clanrats
- Ammo Carrier: Ammunition Casing. Have a good look around for these, there are plenty to chose from
- Weapon Body: Rat Ogre "Blunderbuss" Arm
- Weapon Nozzle: Terminator Assault cannon (I went for the Dark Angel Deathwing one, but any will work)

Warpfire Thrower:
- 2 clanrats
- Ammo Carrier: Corpse Cart Lantern
- Weapon Body: Ork Nobz Choppa. This makes up the back end of the weapon if you just take the "box" bit with the pipes and wires
- Weapon Nozzle: Ork Battlewagon Stokkbomb Pack. Use this as the nozzle for the flamethrower. You just need 1 of these to make 2 weapon teams.
- Weapon Nozzle: Flagellant Torch

 also need to add some detail with GreenStuff.

Friday, November 5, 2010

They aren't dead yet!

And neither am I for that matter. Just really busy. I did however have time to complete a fantastic Skaven plague monk unit filler. I AM sorry if you like horses. The one conversion I did on this base was the horses front leg. You will notice that it has been repositioned to make the pony look dead'er. 

Enjoy, Bard

Plague monks, front


another side

My friend Seb's awesome and finally finished wheel of DOOM!!!

Beside my wheel! DOH, this makes me want to paint a second one!!

Seb's awesome Rat Ogres! They like their little friends. Squeek, Squeek!!