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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Necromancer done! I bought a Corpse Cart necromancer off a friend a while back, and finally put some time into it this week. A different friend of mine was also painting his necro this week, and it inspired me. Sadly the model had been put together very badly, but glued together very well!! and ALOT of green stuff was needed to even out cloak areas etc. Hopefully it isn't too obvious?? The last thing I worry about is the amount of "dry mud" weathering powder I put onto the cloak. Hope you like.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zombie Ogre #3

Not sure how he came about, but the poor fella looks like he was playing hot potatoe with a grenade and lost. This was a learning experience for me too, as I never usually use this much blood and gore on my models, but I did enjoy adding more blood! More Blood!

I think I will finish basing the regular guys and add a bit of blood to them. I have very close to 50 of the freshly dead for this unit.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Corpse a la cart

This model has been on my painting table in the half finished stages for a LONG time! I had become frustrated with trying to paint the necro AFTER he was glued in (Mistake) and found basing the model to be problematic as the model was already glued down (Mistake).
Next time I do a Corpse Cart, I will do things seperatly and then glue together.
I got this model done after spending a whole night getting the base done, and by painstakingly seperating the necromancer from his pile of corpses for a paintjob.

 More pictures...

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Not much in the way of words... Finished a wraith and banshee. I love the wraith, hate the banshee. Banshee had glue issues and refused to join together properly. Not happy with it, but also not willing to put in any more time to "fix" it. Might buy another and try to put a new one together...will certainly buy a couple more wraiths though!
~White spray / Thraka green wash/ white drybrush highlight for ethereal areas.
~Wraith cloak is Luftwaffe grey, followed by two highlights on edges by adding progressively larger amounts of white, followed by a badab black wash to tie it all together.