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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camera is back!

The Camera is back, and with it the chance to take some pictures of the trouble Ive been getting into. First a couple shots of the plague furnace I have been working on...a little here and there, but good progress overall. The censor has the fumes done with multiple washes, as I felt the dark cloudy nastiness call to me as I painted.
Second 2 shots are of a commision I have been working on. They are of the new Collette band for Malifaux. Georgeous models with lots of details. I got this model finished to see if thats what the owner of the model wanted. A thumbs up means go ahead and get them done! Requests will have the models looking like some comic characters.
Please enjoy! Comments are very welcome!

Nasty smokey death! Go Skaven!


Friday, September 24, 2010

What could it be?!

I bet you can't tell whats about to be on the worktable?? Yes I know, its not elvish, goblinoid, orcish, or even from the chaos wastes. But it is fairly chaotic in its own special way! One of the best models made in the last little while, and I am taking the lessons I learned putting together the doomwheel, and assembling pieces a bit at a time, but off the sprue to be primed, painted and then finally assembled.
Can it be true?? Yes, it IS a skaven Plague Furnace! I will try to post regular updates on the progress of this beastie along with the Malifaux commision I am working on at the moment.
More this weekend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doomwheel update

Not that there was ALOT to finish, but I am almost done. I have to sit with this contraption and decide if I want to add rust to it like I did for all my clan rats. Also the flag needs to be dirtied-up.
The model now has...
1) A almost finished banner mostly done...needs a devlan mud wash.
2) 4 rats outside the actual machine done
3) cables and wires done
4) Warpstone done
5) Guy at the back done
check it out!
cheers, Bard

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Skaven Toy W.I.P

I have been busy painting a Skaven Doomwheel to go with some of my clan rats. Wow, this model is pretty cool. I spray primed it while it was on the frame as an experiment. I wont do that again, but I would put pieces together and spray prime them before assembly, like on the GW website.
The one thing I have done thats a bit different is in the pose. I saw a Doomwheel at my local gamestore that had been tilted at an angle while passing through slime, and it inspired me. But I wanted there to be an absolute sense of speed and reckless abandonment to the model!! Therefore, the wild flight off the side of a rocky embankment to get at the enemy!
Hope you enjoy it so far. It is still a work in progress, and I will post him when done.
Cheers, Bard

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Skaven weekend

Posted by PicasaWell, I got my High Elves done to a certain point, and then I HAD to paint some skaven!! Those models are awesome in their ratty nasty goodness! What follows are around 20 rusty, filthy and shifty little buggers I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley!! (one base is Not done, can you spot it?)

Monday, September 6, 2010


WIP plastic Swordmasters

As you can see...these aren't Pheonix Guard. Nor are they the original color choices I had made. I picked up my IOB box the other day, put together these beauties and started painting. But as soon as I started using the old color choices I was very disapointed. So I tried these instead. White base is space wolves grey, skull white highlight. Blue is Vallejo light turquoise, highlight same with skull white mix 1:1 ratio. Metalics are all mithril silver (GW) with a (GW) dev mud wash. Gems will all be a bright red. Gold is Vallejo, brown washed and will have a highlight of bright gold. Skin is GW elf flesh, white highlights on cheeks/nose etc and then an Ogryn flesh wash. That looks good on the unit champ, though I am less satisfied with it on the others. The new banners are georgeous, and I will include a close up once the unit is more done. I have some bases ordered, so these will remain WIP until they come in, are recast with some mods I want and then painted. The unit will be 24-32, or maybe three ranks of 9?

Now as you can imagine, this really bugged me, because there I had 5 pheonix guard with the old color choice staring at me from my desk. Well, they have all been redone. Yes I like the colors better to the point that I repainted a few elves. I also redid all the blues on my lion chariot. He is still a WIP with the bone white of the chariot still to be done. No other new units are being started though as my primer of choice (army painter black) is having trouble getting into Canada and I refuse to buy the GW black (thick tar in a can).

More soon,

Friday, September 3, 2010

No Update?!?

Ok, no update on the elves, although have set aside the new box set and am looking forward to painting some of these new models. I really hope they have new boxes of plastic sea guard and sword masters and not just whats in the starter box.
I do have a painting I did ready with pictures. The extreme gloss is due to the medium. Its a mixed medium that combines some oils, acrylics and some acrylic medium which dried to a high gloss. I painted it for a friend who is a huge fan of Clint.
Hope you enjoy,