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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well. I got more done on models yesterday. Honest!! Wow, you guys don't believe me?? Well... I got a few more goblins close to done. I still haven't taken a picture of them, as I disassembled my lightbox area (in guest room) because, well, we might be having guests. I also got more flesh done on some chaos warriors. There is one with lots of gribbly bits on him that is supposed to be a part of the foresaken unit, but after getting some flesh on him and inadvertantly placing him beside a unit of warriors of Khorne (Ack, Not Nurgle!!) he said quite calmly that this is the unit to which he belonged. And then he giggled. No, a weird giggle that should not have come out of a man. I think he will be the unit champ there. They are all weilding halberds from the GW bits order pack. Although I have yet to test them in a game, I hear that Halberds can potentially be nasty. We shall see.
Anyway, as I wrote my entry, I figured, geezz Bard, you have loads of pictures on file that you haven't shown yet. Why not include one here for everyones ammusment? OK.

These two pretty boys, are neither pretty nor boys. They are Rackham models. And as you can see one is a wolf with Imahumanandstandingup syndrom, while the other is a goblin. Hes also slightly large. Also, no one has tried getting close enough to root through the folds of flesh and see if it is a boy or girl. Ok, you got me. this one COULD be a boy, but certainly HE is not pretty! Like come on! Really? I am not going to argue this one with you. Regardless, or is that irregardless big T? ;) I will have more of my goblins or chaos painted up and I promise to have pictures!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Yes, I do 40K too!

Yes, I have been known to dabble in the dark side of the hobby. 40K and other futuristic games, do have a place in my display cabinet. Here are some of my 40K pieces that I like more than others.
First there is "da Red Trolls" gang buggy or truck. I even made a neat display base for the truck. It has a clear stand that helps show the truck flying through the air, which no doubt helps the gunner aim even better than an orc normally can. The third photo is of the buggy on the base. The gunner and the troll hood ornament are my favorite bits from the vehichle.
Next are a few of my Chaos space Marines. They are of a chapter of my own design. The disciples of Syrinx. Those of you that know your Canadian rock bands will recognize that song name (priests of Syrinx)from a well known band called "Rush", which my best friends "love". They love it so much they won't let me play it within their hearing range.

Here is a picture of the 50 goblin spear unit I have been plugging away on. (one of two units) I was also able to complete another couple of the little fellows last night and got more done on my Nurgle Cavalry. Yes, Noeste, they will get done and pictures will get put up! =)

cheers, Bard

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Green PoWa!

Well, 2 more Goblins are done. They combine my 2 chosen cloathing colors. They look pretty sharp (so does the spear! Anyone else ever stab themselves on a goblin spear while painting?).
Standard bearer and grunt

W.I.P Chaos Nurgle Knights
The next shot is a W.I.P. of the chaos Nurgle knights. Lots still to do before they are finished, but I put a bit of time into them last night...especially on the bone head piece for the horse in the center. And like I had said in a prievious blog, they all have a big 'ol Axe of some kind.

Any suggestions before they get closer to done?

Cheers, Bard

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy Summer Days

A demon lord of Nurgle
Wow! Yesterday was busy and productive! Got one of the cars fixed after a trip to "pick-a-part", BBQ'd some lunch, got yard work done, cleaned and worked in my garage and of course got some models done up and even managed to see the new Angelina movie SALT. (predictable but fun)

Front view
I am attaching one of my Demon lords of Nurgle to this post. Yes he knows he is a handsome beast.

Consists of the old rock troll body, several tenticles from the mutations sprue, a standard for a head (maybe thats where his massive ego is from?) and a chain with a skull. I believe thats also a standard bearer item.

Champion and rude Git

The next few shots are of what I have been working on. Anyone following the thread, please let me know what you think of the two colors of Goblin robes. My plan for these little guys is to have the light grey and light brown robes scattered throughout the army. I want it to look like the robes are sun faded and ratty. I also like that while not completly unified, it retains the similar look that looks great in completed armies. All the wepons and metalics will be rusty. The skin tones are very bright and green. I've seen alot of faded more realistic skin tones lately, but I can't bring myself to use them for the goblins.

Little drummer boy
The next photo is of a Marauder musician. He is using his mutated appendage as part of his instrument. I think he looks pretty good. The skin tones are pretty good, maybe not really smooth, especially in the picture, but I love how the arm turned out and his nose area. Looks like he has either a cold or its irritated due to the nose having fallen off recently.

Let me know what you think.
Cheers, Bard

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decisions, decisions


Here is a huge part of my inspiration. The website has really taken a tumble though, as most of the links no longer work. I love those giant 2 handed cleavers, they are a theme I can connect too. It makes me think that I would love to finish the large unit of Marauders, the Knights, and start a unit of warriors that are VERY converted. The ones I have now are pretty much all cookie cutter, with just differing shades of green. I can only imagine how cool a full unit of warriors wielding custom weapons, armored in custom green-stuffed armor, with big Bellies (get in ma Belly!! Baby back ribs) would look. The website http://www.chaosbutcher.com/ also has some awesome chariots, and I would desperately love to have a couple of those for my mortal force. I have a mount that I have been working on too that those critters inspired.

The Slug of DOOM!
Dilemma time though. I have been painting my Goblins this summer. It has been a goal of mine to get these done. I think I shall continue to plug away at them. The Chaos warriors shall have to wait until September. I like the idea of adding some Slannesh warriors eventually though, as I can only giggle at the image of my horrid green Nurgle forces charging side by side with some lovely pink armored warriors busy preening themselves in their mirrors.

The new rules require lots of soldiers in warhammer. It is a challenge to consider viable methods on countering the inevitable 50+ warrior tar-pits that will no doubt abound in this edition. I can hope that a thematic army like my guys will survive. I think that chariots, hellcannons, slightly larger units of knights, huge units of marauders and a sprinkling of other components will see them through.

Slug of Doom with a rider
Still undecided really. I think thats my Hobby A.D.D.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A knight and his dogs

I have gone back to the previous knight and completed the horses horns and the base. (still need to clean the edges on both dogs and knight) The dogs were the second unit I worked on after choosing the flesh scheme that includes the GW Leviathan Purple wash. It really ties all the units together.

I am considering washing all the bone bits with the yellow wash though. They almost look too clean.

I think the jumping puppy at the edge here is my favorite of the lot. I love how his skin came out and the wound on the back leg.

p.s. I have since posting the pictures cleaned up the bases and gotten the sides painted to a crisp uniform black. I wonder if I should consider painting the sides brown? I have seen alot of people going to that color lately.
cheers, Bard

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ask and Ye shall receive!

Firstly, I want to update the status of the light box. It now has 4 lights. The main 100W from the top, 2 60W from each side, and a second 100W from the front. I like the clarity of the shots now, and the only thing I want to change is the length of the curved paper on the inside, as it ends too short and shows as a line in the pictures.

Next, as per the title, ask and ye shall receive!
These marauders are created using the regular marauder body, the marauder 2 handed wepon arm set up, but with the flail snipped off. Attached is a custom made choppy bit. I discovered one day by accident that the GW movement tray material was of the ideal thickness and iff cut into the proper size would work perfectly! I cut them into shape and then exacto knifed them till they were sufficiently beat up looking. All that I would need to do is greenstuff some metal attachments. So, I blobed some greenstuff on, wet finger smoothed it till it was equally thin and then trimmed the sides so it looked rectangular. I then took an empty push pencil and created small circles in the wet greenstuff to create the bolts, and done. Now I just have to attach them to the body and paint for the unit to continue to grow!
The unit looks pretty killer, but none of these marauders are 100% finished. The ones that are closer to done are the regular 2 handed wepon unit. These used the same flail arms and wepon shafts, but had some of the old chaos warrior weapons (axes, maces etc) attached to the end.
Hope these better pictures work! Now I need to get back to the painting area and get some more models ready for the gaming table.
Cheers, Bard

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm a Camel

No posts for months and then this! I am a Camel. Feast or famine. Crazy!! Anyway, a picture of the booth with 2 lights and these new pictures. I like them better, but they have direct light on them, and Im not sure they are meant to in a light box.

The three from before. I realize looking at the pictures i need to touch up the lords boot.

And a new one of one of my Nurgle Knights.

Cheers, Bard

Lizzies and Chaos, Oh my!

OK. Two lamps have been set up. I still have to get a third, but even with two it works pretty darn good. As per request, here are a few pictures of a couple of my previously seen Stegadon and some chaos.
I really like the shots I got of my Stegadon. The crew aren't finished, but the Steggy is. The base is OK, not as nice as the Micro Art studio one, but very servicable. I had decided to paint the big guy in mutted(sp?) colors, while all the smaller guys would be very bright and vibrant. I also like that the howda has a very rich feel to it without it being ALL gold.

Next up are a few of my chaos fellows. These didnt turn out as bright as I would have liked, but one more lamp and that problem should be solved. There are three different models. The first is a chaos lord/hero. He is painted up in the greens of nurgle. I love that faction. The best part is that you can make things look beautiful and yet hideous at the same time. I am most proud of his sheild. The cloak free hand isn't bad either, and very much inspired by Rackham.

The next two are of a marauder with a homemade 2 hander. Imagine a whole unit swinging these babies. Very much inspired by Mike Butcher and his Chaos Mortals that I could not afford! The second is a cool little model that I use as a forsaken. It is based of the 40k Kroot models and a long paperclip covered in greenstuff, with an eye from the spawn set. He makes me laugh, the poor guy.
Used as my unit champ.

Can you mind read?? He is asking someone to feed him.

Cheers, Bard

Friday, July 23, 2010

A working light box


It looks pretty good for a picture. I think I will have to play with the light. Not sure about light coming in on the sides maybe. The picture appears a bit on the dark side (hehe) and is the only one I took that was any good. Maybe its the camera.
Anyway, this is what the light box looks like, finished.

the light tent

I just found a really great website that demonstrated how to make a light box for picture taking.

I am going to try building one and then try my hand at taking some pictures.


Adding an attachment here of the progress I've made so far. I am finding that adding strips of white paper is pretty tedious, and wonder if spraying it with a white primer wouldn't work as well. The light box I've made is small, but is wide enough to accomadate the models I will be taking pictures of, and small means easier to store withought damaging it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Vacations

I think my decompresion has finally arrived. So too has the 8th edition of warhammer. The rules have changed the game ALOT, and amungst the changes are GW's need to sell more models. So...I have put together more of my stored models and gotten some trolls in order to make a feasable army of Orcs and Goblins. Mostly Goblins.
Mostly Goblins means lots of models though. When I used to do painting ALOT more I had learned how to assembly line paint. I am having to attempt this for these guys. There is easily 150-200 models involved here.
I'll post some pictures soon. I have 20 more guys to do skin on before I have nearly 100 painted with at minimum a first coat of color.