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Friday, August 30, 2013

Zealot - Giant Bloat Fly

My hobby vacation has begun to slowly wind down the last few months. I had been painting my Nurgle army prior to my leave, and wished beyond all hope that there were some nurgle flies to become part of my force. So I started to hunt the inter-web in order to find a company that either already made model flies, or would be willing to take it on as a project.
This brings me to ZEALOT MINIATURES. I started by sending my idea to the miniatures company and was promptly answered. They thought my idea was a good one and Lo and behold, several months later, the GIANT BLOAT FLY has come to be! 

Anyway...I ordered a few of these cute little fellas and will be painting them up shortly. I wanted to also let everyone know of the quality of the models that I received in the mail. Firstly, they were mailed to me in a quick manner and took very little time to arrive. The shipping was also in good shape when it arrived. So far so good! The models are nothing short of awesome quality! Unlike the Failcast models that I have struggled with over the years, these resin models were in fantastic shape and required very little clean up. The details are very crisp and there are virtually no mold lines to scrape away which would destroy some of the great details.

I will keeping a log of my progress with this model.
Talk to you soon,