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Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Skaven of Movember

OK, technically its the last day of October (happy Halloween by the way) but I wanted to post this before my hectic week started. I finished the second skaven that was present in the earlier blog posts, and I managed to get some paint on the unit filler I started. As an aside, all the monks are finished and all but 2 have primer on them and are ready to paint. I really like how they turned out, and will continue adding monks like this to the unit. (p.s. I am unsure why I can't click the pictures and zoom in anymore)
ITS MOVEMBER!! For those of you that don't know what Movember is, its a month of mustache growing goodness, all for a good cause. Prostate Cancer is a horrible disease, and I want to do my small part in fighting it. Again this year I have organized a team ... the "Magnificent Mo's", and hope to be able to raise a good sized donation for the cause.

Enjoy the skaven, and go team Magnificent Mo's!
Right side
Left side
Unit filler, inc. the dead pony
Me, ready to grow my Mo!

Cheers, Bard

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Plague Monk 1 Finished!

A new Skaven model has made his appearance on my display shelf. This is what I originally wanted my plague monks to look like: http://underempire.net/index.php?showtopic=31814 . This talented fellow displays his wonderful models on http://underempire.net/?act=idx (The UnderEmpire). It is the style I am going for and think I have achieved it to a certain degree of success. I think I will put more time into each of them in the future as they are really a great centerpiece unit that escorts the plague furnace. Also, I will build up the bases on the others, as they have a really BIG problem ranking up, and I think would look good hunched over and scuttling over rocks and perhaps the odd dead horse! This might also be a good way of making some unit filler, allowing me to field more of the plague monks without breaking the bank. I will be attempting to put together the remainder of the completed monks on 40x40 bases with more diorama qualities to them.
Pre Devlan Mud and base
A no wash, and a freshly Primed
Right side ~ finished model
Front view ~ finished model
Left side ~ finished model
 Let me know what you think!
Cheers, Bard

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plague Monks ~ Customized

Earlier this week I saw someones conversion efforts in making their plague monks unique and interesting. Of all the current skaven models, I dislike the plague monks the most. They are flat, boring models. I had debated on how to paint the models so they would look better than they otherwise would, but compared to the plague furnace monks they just stink. Anyway, rambling aside, this poster had created several fantastic looking monks by using the undead ghoul torso. I had to try this.
I was thinking of simply posting the entire process as a tutorial again, but decided that several posts as works in progress might allow me to post my thoughts on the process in more detail.

I will be the first to tell you that while I love converting models, I am not very proficient using green-stuff. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, understand that I plan on cleaning up the green stuff that is on the models. I want the sculpting material to have a chance to dry and harden, the ghoul torso's are in the shape of a `V` while the cut monks have an obviously flat surface.

I started by taking the plague monk and my handy little saw and cutting the torso off just over the belt. I then plunked a blob of green-stuff onto the legs and then pushed the ghoul top into this. After a few minutes, I took my hobby knife and trimmed a good amount of the excess off, while pushing as much as I could into the gaps on the sides.
One torso missing

One torso later
I have put together eight of the little brutes, mainly to try making the model, but also to spice up my unit. The next part will be to clip the neck off the torso and file a flat surface for attaching the skaven monk head on. Hopefully I won't need a lot of green-stuff to make it look good!

Let me know what you think!

Cheers, Bard

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few more furry friends

Well, a few more Dirty Skaven clanrats are ready to join the growing verminous horde! I decided to make myself a unit filler while I was at it, and I think it turned out really well! It basically removes 4 skaven from the must paint pile! I am especially pleased with the dusty look it has. It also fits the "by the dwarven tunnel" look that the bases all seem to have.

Broken down and deserted

I have six more skaven and one last unit filler to complete before my first 50 skaven unit is completed. The next unit filler has 2 skaven, with one about to cleaver the other.

While I am at it, a big shout out to Kuffeh, for his mention of my skaven painting tutorial on the Trading Post. I have to admit, it’s very cool to see your blog referenced by others!

Seven more Rats! Oops, Missed some noses!

Hope you enjoy my latest offering,

Cheers, Bard

Friday, October 22, 2010

Skaven painting tutorial

My Skaven have become a craze for me lately. I have not only enjoyed painting them, but feel that they are looking remarkably good for the number of shortcuts I have introduced into the normally time consuming method I use. To this end I have made a tutorial that I hope readers will enjoy trying out on their own models.

Step 1 and 2
1.) The first step I clean the models of all mold lines with a sharp hobby knife. Once it is cleaned I glue it to the base and glue (white glue) my gravel mixture onto the base around the model. My mixture consists of several different grades of gravel…from sand to a larger black mixture I got at my nearest mall’s hobby shop. Once this is dry I sprayed the entire model using Army Painter “Rat Fur”. I really like how well this product covers the model evenly and smoothly. (No more TAR clumps for me!)

2.) I mixed up a batch of English uniform and white (both vallejo products). With this mixture I paint all the cloth areas. I always try to stay “inside the lines” as this can help the speed of getting the model done. If you want to give the model even greater depth, dry-brush/or paint some highlights by adding white to the cloth mixture. My other step here is to cover the metal bits in GW chainmail. It may sound a bit bright for the Skaven, but after you have applied the washes by the end, the metal areas are very dirty looking.
Step 3 and 4

3.) Here I have added pure Vallejo English Uniform to the weapon shaft. I also dab mechrite red onto any metal areas I want colored. I dab in a controlled randomness, aiming to have a lot of the metal areas showing, with the red looking like it has been chipped off or rubbed off where the metal plates would touch. There is absolutely no reason to be super careful here, especially with a rank and file model.

Step 5 and 6
 4.) The base is attended to here. I use Basalt grey first. I follow this with a dry-brush of Basalt mixed with white, about half and half for this mixture. The edge of the base is painted black.

5.) P3 midlund flesh is my flesh color of choice for the Skaven. I have it in a GW mixing pot though as I had my P3 pot break. I try to leave some of the primer Rat Fur in the creases and of course where there would be fur! DUH! Also give the nose a touch of black to the nose here. I know GW and many others don’t paint the nose black, and I have been told my Skaven look like dogs because of the nose, but I really like the effect.

6.) Mix some midland flesh with white, a consistency of 60% flesh to 40 white. Water the mixture down to get good coverage…but not too wet or it will run. I also add more white for one last pass around the muzzle. Teeth, nails and horns can either be painted white or bone color here.
Step 7 and 8

7.) Leather, cloth and any other fiddly bit gets touched here. This is also a good time to clean any last mistakes that you see. Highlight the skin and any other bits by adding a bit of white to the mixture. The contrast shows nice in the next step.
Step 9 and 8.a

8.) Wash Everything with Devlan Mud! Nice and wet, and make sure everything is covered.
8.a.) Let the wash dry.

9.) Rust it up. I use my new forgeworld powders, along with a mix of Burnt Umber oil paint and mix it all with Turpenoid (a white spirit)…lastly I water down Vallejo fiery orange (which of course I forgot in my pictures) and dab some onto the brown rust areas. It’s a great effect.

I hope if anyone gets the chance to try this recipe they let me know how it worked for them. I found it very simple to use, and I really like the results.

cheers, Bard

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Warshrine and Malifaux

Small update from tonights efforts.
The Warshrine is coming along and I have a bit more work done on the Malifaux warband I am painting for someone. The two greenies have highlights left to do, and the red puppet has had her metals highlighted.

The warshrine has had the under-carridge worked on, with wheels attached. The top of the shrine has had pools of slime and gunk added. I think they will add the three dimensional look I want to the pools of gribbly gunk. Good call Kuffeh! I also intend on adding a nurgling on the top and probably a few of them on the base, so there is no mistake who this shrine is dedicated too.

P.S, my Skaven look like they will be getting reinforcements in January of 2011. I found this list online through BOLS.

Metal Blisters
- Warlord Spinetail
- Ikit Claw
Plastic Boxes
- Hell Pit Abomination
- Warp Lightning Cannon / Plagueclaw Catapult

Battle Magic: Skaven

Skaven Art/heraldry book

- Tretch Craventail
- Plastic weapon teams

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scratch building a Chaos War Shirine

As the title implies, I have had my eye on a chaos war shrine for a long time. Those that have looked back at much earlier posts will see that the "chaos is strong with this one!" Don't get me wrong, I am not going to stop my Skaven,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plague Furnace FINISHED!

I can't believe it! I am Actually Finished this awesome model! I will seal it before I use it of course, but for the sake of argument, its done! Let me know what you think.
There are 4 more clanrats done too!

Front view with Priest

Malifaux WIP update

Will be trying for more depth on the boots and red areas

Monday, October 11, 2010

Plague Priest

The priest is done. I will attach him to the plague furnace as soon as I am done rusting that up! Once the entire furnace is done, I will dedicate myself to completing some friends commisioned Malifaux models.
cheers, Bard

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plague Priest is DONE!

Finished the Plague Priest tonight. Was going to post a couple of pictures of him but the picture download page isn't working AGAIN. (I wonder how many others have this problem!?!) I really like how he turned out. I debated having him on a base, but decided that he will be glued to the plague furnace, and I will use my old lord Skrolk if I want a priest on foot.
In other news I got the first coat of my homemade rust mixture on all the exposed metal areas. Its a combination of white spirits (turpenoid) and the forge-world weathering powders. Its just missing that final spot of orange, so tomorrow I will dilute some fiery orange and pool some on strategically.
The base is also done. I went with my gray/dead grass look. I think that's OK, the part I am most pleased and yet displeased about is the small mini plague rat guy on the base. He looks fine, but after I glued him in place, I realized that he wouldn't be able to be at the front of the base because of the furnace. Its too low. I guess he will have to be looking out the back of the model, and that's what I don't like.
Will try the pictures again tommorow.
p.s. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

Plague Furnace nears completion

The end is in sight! There is another evenings worth of work left though, as I want to weather the metal bits and finish the priest. After I took these pictures I finished the rope pullers including the inside rat's arm. It looks great.
whats left to finish:
a) green ink one side of the machine.
b) finish the priest
c) touch ups and clean ups
d) finish base (base colors are done) and then attach machine
e) weather entire machine.
f) small censors at front

Friday, October 8, 2010

Do You Do ... Terrain?

 Why yes. Yes I do terrain indeed. Infact I went to my local gaming store and took some pictures of the terrain that I keep over there on display.
This first piece I painted up for one of my best friends. It's a saloon, and I was inspired by Mud flaps on the big rigs. I think it turned out pretty good. I took my time and tried to have each board look like it was weathered and battered.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plague Furnace rope yankers!

 These three characterful little bundles of fun are almost done. Just have Bell-hood's arms and sleeve to do. The upper portion of the rope will be done before the weekend and posted soon. I will also post all my terrain pictures this weekend.

My plague priest colors are the faded cloth color I have on all my rats that I think really pops with a single highlight and a good strong devlan mud wash. The green is a camo green mixed with orkhide foundation paint. As I check the picture out, I notice that the guy on the right has an unfinished horn sticking out of his arm.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

tap tap. Does this thing work??

Not sure whats going on, but I tried to post some pictures tonight of both the plague furnace "three tenors" at the back, and a bunch of my terrain, but nothing is downloading. So this post is more of a test. Is this thing working??
Yep, but I still can't download pictures...very strange! But not as strange as this one time at band camp....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Warplock pistol break

Warplock pistols are a great thing. They are even better when you hum the “Give me a break, give me a break, give me a kit-kat break!” commercial music, and fill in warplock pistol instead of kit-kat!! Stupid I know, but thankfully I am amused by small stupid things. (hey! Skaven aren’t stupid! Just small!)

Anyway, I didn’t so much burn out on the plague furnace, as I wanted to paint a little character for my force. This little guy is great looking, and I have some plans for a second one. I will change the pistol to a rocket and the halberd to something smaller and more pokey/less slashy.

Enjoy the pictures!
cheers, Bard

Rik-Rak the Warlock engineer

should I add dirt stains at the bottom??