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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Giant Blow Fly ~ Part 3

Another round of painting on the Giant blow Fly. I have begun to appreciate the appearance of the model even more as the legs are now 1/2 on. Its going to be a beast beside some of the smaller models in my collection. The model has also got me thinking about a suitable base. I'm leaning towards a corpse laden battle field to work with the description found on the Zealot miniatures website. I was also thinking that they need to put together a set of legs as a kit for the fly to allow you to field it in a flying pose.
Anyway...the blow fly:

Skin. Three steps on each side.1) Midlund Flesh. 2) Purple wash. 3) Reapply Midlund Flesh on raised areas. 4) Midlund Flesh and white for final highlight.

Carapace areas. A dark grey (Model color basalt Grey). Edges have Light grey (Model Color Light Grey). I tried to pull the light grey along any raised edges. Made up a few raised edges too, just to maintain a uniform edge.
Badab Black wash was then applied on all the carapace areas.

One of my favorites, (Model Color Smoke) was then applied in deep cracks and under plates to give the appearance of shadows.
Found these Fly eyes for inspiration online.
Started with a base of yellow for the eyes.
Added a red wash. The last 2 pictures have had double red washes applied to the eyes, as well as smoke and black added along the bottom for shadow (Like in the model picture)
 The right side legs have been glued on. The had been primed and painted grey.
 Lastly, legs have received their highlight and the wash. Things are starting to come together! Next will be the last set of legs, which I am debating painting completely before gluing them on, as well as the face area. You will also notice that the stomach area has had a little bit of red wash applied in places as I wanted it to make look like the stomach was distended and the skin irritated.

Cheers, B

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