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Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Project

I've been away from the hobby for a long time. I hope that is about to change and that my latest en-devour breathes some new life into the hobby for me. My friend, Brahm  has agreed to partner up with me in order to recreate the excitement we are missing in the hobby. And so, Mordheim will be my new pursuit. You can find our new website at http://www.mordheimrevivalproject.com/  . I love the fact that I can paint small batches of models and not experience the burnout I experience when painting full armies. I love the customization I get to practice as I make each character unique.
And so, if anyone still visits my little corner of the interweb, you will see new life breathed into this blog as I keep track of my projects.
Now, what warband do I decide to play???

cheers, and thanks for still following,

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